A year of art    EcoMonthly traveled to some remote places this year, along the way we supported local Artisans through purchasing their works. Here is a look at works from Mexico Cuba, and Honduras. 


Unfortunately, the majority of staple Mexican souvenirs like friendship bracelets, blankets, and jeweler are made in China.
  I met Indigenous families from Western Huichol, and Yucatan Mayan to get difinitive examples of Art Jeweler and textiles.
  Over a course of a week I worked with a Native Huichol family to get matching sets of necklaces bracelets, and earnings. This vibrant three dimentional jewelry is inspired by the halucinogenic practices of this Mayan decedent tribe.
    Hand carved wood clasp, interchangeable.



In 40 trips to Mexico Ive never seen a finer more vibrantly weaved tablecloth




 On the island of Utila I met an elderly Mayan woman named Marta, who hand weaved in a waist ancored tradition I have seen in the mountains of Guatemala. It takes her one month to make one of these hand woven tapestrys made from hand dyed & spooled yarn, her daughters make more modern zippered purses and hacky sacks. 
  Marta loved the reading glasses I gave her.
Traditionally Hand spun died & woven


    we bought from local Artisans in UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Cienfuegos The Gran Piedra, and in the Plicteocene rufuge Humboldt National park
Cienfuegos has a long history of music and art, there Artisans let me into their studios and homes.
Handmade fish shell & bone Necklace
Handmade adjustable seed bracelet
In the Gran Piedra I befriended a family who invited me into their home, showed me their craft, and exchanged gifts with me.
AfroCuban aramatic Handmade hardwood wall hanging masks; made with primitive equiptment, and sanded with rocks sand and rag polished.
 Mini AfroCuban Handmade hardwood wall hanging masks; made with primitive equiptment, and sanded with rocks sand and rag polished.

In the Plicteocene refuge Humbildt National Park I befriended a man who handmade the finest items from this most diverse tropical ecosystem in the world.

  Hand harvested and processed local cocobutter in a handmade hardwood vesel.