About us

   EcoMonthly is supported by a team comprised of Engineers, Scientists, Biologists, Sociologists, Zoologists, Materials Transport, Heavy Equipment and Agriculture experts, Ecologists, Nonprofits, and Educators.


    Our mission is to provide non-biased support and respect to the worlds cultures and ecosystems. To research the ancient and modern cultural relationships with their environment. So that we can learn and share the sustainable knowledge of the worlds ecosystems, and how they may apply to us all.


Boyd Smith

Ecologist Owner of the Ecogardening sustainable environment company since 1995, prolific Sustainability Consultant, Collegiate Organic Permaculture and Natural Resources Lecturer, Award-Winning Educator, Board Consultant, Master Gardener, Honorary Doctorate, and International Researcher.

  With 25 years of experience, Boyd brings a unique educated perspective, and tangible understanding to ecological sustainability.

Editor- Annie Fricke

  A poet, writer and podcaster. She is co-creator of "MEND; Life at the Seams", a podcast created with the knowledge that it is through the telling of our stories that we heal. "Walking with Freya; A Journey Through Special Needs Parenting" is a place for her to share the story of her daughter, and for other parents and caregivers of children with special needs to tell their stories. More about Anne, her poetry, her writing projects and how to listen to her podcasts can be found at annefricke.com.